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SitemapGen - Code Documentation


The main importing entry point for the library.

class Generator

A Class that is used to generate sitemaps from a website’s URL and output it as a string or write it to a file.

method __init__

The constructer for the class


  • site (str): The URL of the website to build a sitemap of.
  • output (str): The path of the output sitemap file.
  • disguise (str, optional): To set a disguise the sitemap’s URL, which is best suited to generate sitemap of a localhost website which needs to be deployed. Defaults to None.

method discover

A function to discover all the hyperlinks and the pages available on the domain.


  • list: A list of all URLs from a website

method genSitemap

A function to generate a sitemap and return a copy of the same to the user. Must only be used after


  • str: The string version of the generated sitemap.

method write

Write the sitemap content to the specified output file.

method getLinks

A function to get the available hyperlinks from the website


  • path (str): The path of the webpage after the domain.


  • list: All links that could be extracted from the webpage.